After more than seven years, Cory is near-embarrassingly excited to rejoin his Pickleville family this Christmas season! When he's not being an elf, Cory is trying to be a grown up doing marketing for a living or a skinny guy doing CrossFit. Last seen as the hero in the first four installments of the Juanito Bandito saga at Bear Lake, he's since been raising three little banditos with his unbelievable babe of a wife.



Endless cheers, kudos, and kisses to Aubree who lights up my life brighter than all the Christmas trees in the world hewn down, stacked together, soaked in kerosene, and lit on fire! (Whoa... I'm not a pyromaniac, just a struggling romantic.)



Recent Credits

  • Trevor Graydon in Thoroughly Modern Millie with Four Seasons Theatre
  • Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast with Four Seasons Theatre
  • John Brooke in Little Women with Music Theatre West
  • Cowboy Hero in Juanito Bandito (2008-2011) with Pickleville Playhouse
  • Levi in Joseph...Dreamcoat with Pickleville Playhouse
  • Sparky in Forever Plaid with Pickleville Playhouse





What's the most memorable Christmas present you've ever received?


The cheap handheld pinball game I had given my friend and received in return the following year. THAT was memorable.


What's your favorite holiday food?


Whoppers with a reindeer head put on front and a hole cut in the bottom with a tail glued over it so that when they dispense they look like droppings... Still hilarious.


If no one has done that one in your neighborhood for a year or two, it's been too long.


"Just 'dropping' by to say Merry Christmas!" So good.



If you could be one of Santa's reindeer, which would it be and why?


Comet. I think it's because space scares the heck out of me but, like Batman, I'd name myself after the thing I fear the most and become a crimefighting, kick-bum reindeer... when I wasn't delivering presents.


Alternatively, I really like cleaning and Comet does a decent job.