Jeremy is very happy to be back on the stage with his friends this holiday season! Jeremy most recently worked in the United States Senate and a U.S. Senatorial Campaign. He came out of the political closet only a few years ago but it's had the ability to harness a little more of his insatiable passion for creating change. Jeremy has always loved the performing arts, he studied musical theater at Western Wyoming Community College and Modern Dance at the University of Utah. He currently is a student at Utah State University. Go Aggies! Last year Jeremy watched Bandito's Christmas Carol for the first time and fell in love with it. He is thrilled to share it with you this Winter. Merry Christmas!



Shout out to my family and friends... your love, patience, and support. You lift me up and make me so much more! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.


Also a shout out to us all for loving fully, hurting deeply, fighting fiercely, and recognizing the beauty in it all. Here's to us and the journey!



Recent Credits

  • Stubbs in Love and Death Vs El Bandito at Pickleville Playhouse
  • Seaweed in Hairspray at Pickleville Playhouse
  • Flotsam in Little Mermaid at Hale Centre Theatre
  • Gabe in Next to Normal at USU's Caine Lyric Theater
  • Phil Davis in White Christmas at Centerpoint Legacy Theater
  • Enjolras in Les Miserables at The Ziegfeld





What's your favorite holiday food?


My favorite holiday food are Yams... they are so freaking good. I love yams on rolls, I love yams on turkey, I love yams plain or with brown sugar and marshmallows... I just really like yams.



If you could be one of Santa's reindeer, which would it be and why?


Comet, because Comets are super cool.



What's your favorite Christmas song and why?


The Christmas Song, because it holds all of the feel good nostalgia that a Christmas song should hold. It makes me feel warm and cozy.



What's your favorite Christmas movie and why?


Grumpy cats worst Christmas Ever. Because it's cheesy, sarcastic and and grumpy cat is my spirit animal.