Katie is over the moon to be joining the Pickleville family this Christmas! Katie will be completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting with a minor in English from USU this May. Katie is an avid Harry Potter fan, eater of succulent soups, and lover of her spirit animal, squirrels. Katie believes in the need to share beautiful stories which inspire compassion, understanding, and peace.



To Katie's superstar mom and dad for first giving her the gift of music, to her amazing brothers and sisters for always keeping her laughing, and to her incredibly talented Aggie family both near and far for all of their love and support!


Recent Credits

  • Hennie in Awake and Sing! at Utah State University
  • Catherine in the Foreigner at Lyric Repertory Company
  • Mary Jane in Big River at Lyric Repertory Company
  • Masha in Three Sisters at Utah State University
  • Cathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain at Lyric Repertory Company





What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


The Francis family has a long held competition to be the first to say the words "Christmas Gift!!" on Christmas morning. We sneak up under beds, behind doors, make prank calls in the wee morning hours, always saying, "CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!" before the other person can get the words out. This has resulted in many near heart attacks and brutal nerf gun revenge battles.



What's the most memorable Christmas present you've ever received?


When I was five, I got the cutest black lab stuffed animal that I had secretly longed with all my little girl heart to have every time I walked by it in the grocery store that December. When I saw it Christmas morning, I knew without a doubt that Santa was real!!!



What's your favorite holiday food?


Christmas Sugar Cookies and Milk!!!



If you could be one of Santa's reindeer, which would it be and why?


The moment I step outside when it's cold, my nose turns bright pink! So I would definitely want to be my homeboy Rudolph.



What's your favorite Christmas song and why?


"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" because I absolutely love Judy Garland and I love her singing it in "Meet Me in St. Louis."



If you could work in one area of Santa's workshop, which would it be?


I would be the head elf of the Department of Holiday Precipitation because a Christmas without snow is an outrage!!!



What's your favorite Christmas movie and why?


Elf!!! Because I can watch it any day, anytime of the year and still laugh my face off.




If you could have one thing for Christmas this year, what would it be?


I would get a car jack and possibly a crane so I would have the power to make the world's largest SNOWMAN!!!! (Insert maniacal laugh here)