Sharli has been Pickleville's head choreographer for the last 12 years! She grew up with a serious love for all dance styles and is pumped that she gets to share that love with each cast member that joins the PVP family. Besides doing choreography, Sharli enjoys teaching High Fitness with her sister Kenzie (aka Gratilda), going on hot dates with her husband, and spending time with her four beautiful daughters. Sharli is super excited about opening a new ballet studio/fitness studio in Logan in January 2018!!! Feel free to check it out on Instagram: & @enpointe.ballet



A huge I LOVE YOU to my husband, Andy! Thanks for always being my biggest support system and for pushing me to follow my dreams. You are my everything.







What's the most memorable Christmas present you've ever received?


Two Christmas's ago my mom and my husband worked together to get the old Pickleville piano repainted and moved into my front room. It is by far the most special thing I own and I love having it in my home.



If you could be one of Santa's reindeer, which would it be and why?


DANCER... obviously! :)



What's your favorite Christmas movie and why?


The Santa Claus. It's a classic from my childhood. Tim Allen is one of my favorite actors!