Tim is super excited to be back to witness the magic of another Pickleville Christmas show! Tim currently resides in Logan where he loves spending time with his wife, Lisa, his awesome little man, James, and his adorable puppies, Toby and Wilson. He and his family enjoy target shooting, playing card games, and watching sweet action movies. Tim’s future aspirations include running sound at more Pickleville shows and making more memories with his family.




I big shout out to my wife Lisa for always putting up with my shenanigans. Love you sweetheart:)


Recent Credits

  • Pawnee Bill in Annie Get Your Gun at Pickleville Playhouse





What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


Listening to Christmas music and buying my wife a bunch of presents.



What's the most memorable Christmas present you've ever received?


When I was a kid I got a giant bean bag. I never had to fight for a couch seat again.



What's your favorite holiday food?


Ham and shrimp.



If you could be one of Santa's reindeer, which would it be and why?


Dasher. He’s always the first one everyone remembers.



What's your favorite Christmas song and why?


The Christmas Can-Can because it just gets me in the mood for the Christmas season.



If you could work in one area of Santa's workshop, which would it be?


I’d want to work on the sleigh. 364 days of test flights around the world. Sweet.



What's your favorite Christmas movie and why?


Elf because it’s funny.



If you could have one thing for Christmas this year, what would it be?


A new headshot. I’ve used the same one since 2009.