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Alec Foote

Pickleville debut! Alec is thrilled to join the pickleville family! Originally from Idaho, he has been living in Logan for the last year for school. Alec is taking a gap year from school and is picking up some jobs, this one being his favorite :) When not onstage, you can find Alec at the slopes, on the lake, spending time with his family, friends, dogs, or obsessing over reality TV.
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Shoutout to my mom and dad for their support! And shoutout to Sara for getting me this gig :)
Prince Christopher in R&H's Cinderella (Starlight Mountain Theatre)
Warner in Legally Blonde (Cache Theatre Company)
Max in The Play That Goes Wrong (Starlight Mountain Theatre)
Lefou in Beauty and the Beast (Music Theatre West)
I am not only a massive swiftie, but if you ask me about the reality competition "Survivor" I will be talking to you about it for hours. I have seen all 42 seasons, most of them multiple times, and keep up with the show every wednesday. Along with Red Bull, it's my ultimate addiction!
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