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Amber Larsen Knaras

Spotlight Operator

Amber started out as a musical theatre major but was quickly enticed to the "dark side" and went on to become a stage manager. Her love of all things technical continues to grow from year to year, as she strives to learn new things and gain new experiences. Amber is psyched to be a part of the Bandito team this year, and share some hilarious and inspiring times with the audience!

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Oh, so many shout outs! Thank you to all of my Teachers and Mentors throughout the years! You have shaped not only my education, but who I am as a person and as an artist! I owe it all to you! Thank you to my friends and fellow artists, you are the reason I love this business! Thank you to my family, they have always encouraged me to do what I love! And the Grand Finale, Thanks to my husband for his amazing love and support, he keeps me sane!
    Stage Manager for Noises Off (Cache Theatre Company)
    Assistant Stage Manager for Hairspray (The Grand Theatre)
    Stage Manager for Twelfth Night (Utah State University)
    Stage Manager for The Last Train to Nibroc (Lyric Repertory Company)
    Stage Manager for Little Women (Riverton Arts Council)
    Spotlight Operator for Fiddler on the Roof (Murray Arts)
    The Best Christmas Present I think was in Middle School, my mom printed a life-size picture of my crush's face and put it on my stocking. A little embarrassing, but hilarious! My Favorite Christmas song is Christmas Everyday by David Archuleta... Yes, I am still 14 years old :) I love the feeling of love and joy around Christmas-time! The best part is getting to spend so much time with family, and I want it to be like that everyday! I'd rather see Christmas Future, because I'm really excited to see what my kids will look like!
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