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Betsy Sandifer

Betsy is absolutely thrilled to be making her Pickleville debut! She is from Carmel, Indiana, and just earned her BFA in Musical Theatre from Ball State University. A fun fact about Betsy is that she actually gets to share the stage this summer with her fiancé Jake Mickel, who she got engaged to in April. When she’s not on stage, Betsy loves playing Mario Party, going out for coffee, eating charcuterie, and watching Gilmore Girls. Philippians 4:6-7.

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Shout out to my incredible family, and to my fiancé, Jake, who I am lucky enough to get to share the stage with.
Eva in Bring it On (Ball State University)
Irina Prozorov in The Prozorovs (Ball State University)
Peggy Rogers in The Children's Hour (Ball State University)
Swing / Tessie Understudy in Crazy for You (Ball State University)
Itsy Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh (Ball State University)
Lucy in Hath Taken Away (Ball State University)
My freshman year of college I broke my collarbone playing a game of airplane in the hallway of my dorm. Never again.
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