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Brayton Wilds

Pirate (Peter Pan), Ensemble (Bad Guy)
Hey everybody! Brayton is so thrilled to be spending his 1st summer here with the Pickleville family. He is currently a Junior at Ball State University pursuing his BFA in Musical Theatre. When not on stage, you can find him exploring this beautiful, new state (hey pretty Utah), attempting to throw a frisbee as far as humanly possible, or talking to people... anyone... he loves to talk! After a long year, he is ready to be back in the summer sun doing what he loves best with people who inspire and create. Please, laugh along and enjoy the show!
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Jake = Bestie for the restie, Haley = IN, OH, MA, UT got nothing on us, Christian = I'm gonna kick your butt in Wii Sports, Mom & Dad = Thank you

Bass/Baritone in the SwellTones (Cedar Point Amusement Park)
Vershinin in The Prozorovs (Ball State University)
Mr. Lindquist in A Little Night Music (Ball State University)
Eeyore in Winnie The Pooh (Ball State University)
Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Fishers Performing Arts)

I can probably sing lower than you..... maybe. At least I think I can. Unless you pull out that subharmonic goofiness, then you've got me beat. P.S. Please show me how.

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