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Caleb Hafen

Joey (Fickle), Peter (Peter Pan)
Pickleville Debut! Caleb is more than excited to share some light and love with his new family at Pickleville Playhouse. He's especially excited to experience the apparent juxtaposition of working at such a lively and magical theatre in a geographical location that seems to be so 'bear'. Caleb is currently a Music Dance Theatre major at Brigham Young University and is also studying PreMed. After Pickleville, you can expect to find Caleb swinging onto the Hale Centre Theatre Stage as Terk in their winter production of Disney's Tarzan! Located in Sandy, UT.
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BIG love to my pulchritudinous parents, my seven salubrious siblings, and all my felicitous friends, and Lars. Your smiles can change the world!

Estragon in Waiting For Godot (BYU)
Bruno in RUMP (BYU)
Alistair in Chariots of Fire (BYU)
Admiral Boom in Mary Poppins (BYU)
Usnavi in In The Heights (Central Theatre, NJ)
Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Central Theatre, NJ)

My involvement in Musical Theatre all began when I was cut from the High School Basketball Team my sophomore year. What I thought to be a deep-cutting tragedy turned out to be the greatest blessing. :) When doors close, windows open.

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