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Chase Andreae

Flounder (Little Mermaid) Jut (Shootout)
Chase could not be happier to return to his Pickleville family for another Summer. All the way from his home land of Indiana where he recently graduated from Ball Sate University with a BFA in musical theatre. Chase has spent his senior year working along side Broadway star Sutton Foster, creating a cabaret that she directed and also performing with her in Chicago and St.Louis. He also was the opening act for Broadway's Gavin Creel in his cabaret show. Chase is so thankful for all the amazing opportunities he's been given.
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Got to give the biggest shout out to all my friends from Ball State, especially my senior class. We did it guys! I would not be who I am today without all of you.
In the summer of 2017, Chase took a bike trip from his school in Indiana all the way to Orlando, FL. He just finished editing his book he wrote about the trip and hopes to have it published this year!
    Bobby/Pete/Mark/Roy in Fun Home (Ball State University)
    Vocalist in Songs For a New World (Loxton/Byers productions)
    Sir Robin in Spamalot (Premier Arts)
    Ensemble in Parade (Ball State University)
    Rooster in Annie (Premier Arts)
    Marius in Les Miserables (Premier Arts)
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