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Cory Keate

Cory is a busy dad of four boys currently working as a marketing consultant and entrepreneur. In his mind, no day is complete until he’s crushed a CrossFit WOD and/or yoga practice, played a tune on the piano, and had a bowl of Frosted Flakes. He’s forever grateful to his Pickleville Family for giving him the chance to discover his passion for performing in the first Juanito Bandito show 11.5 years ago – and the chance to come back again and again!
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“Shout out to my main flame, my sweet sauce, my honeybuns, my unreasonably gorgeous, giving, loving, model-of-a-mother, and all-around awe-inspiring wife, Aubree. I may be the one on stage this time, but I’m YOUR biggest fan!”
    Trevor Graydon in Thoroughly Modern Millie (Four Seasons Theatre)
    Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast (Four Seasons Theatre)
    John Brooke in Little Women (Music Theatre West)
    Sparky in Forever Plaid (Pickleville Playhouse)
    Jake Lawson in Who Shot Juanito Bandito? (2011) (Pickleville Playhouse)

    What are your feelings about eggnog?

    I’m an unabashed, unashamed, unapologetic eggnog evangelist. That said, I don’t judge if you can’t handle it straight and need to “water it down” with a little whole milk.  

    Which of Santa's nine reindeer are you most like?

    In an attempt to make amends for a lifetime of calling him “Donner,” I’ll go with Donder. Shouldn’t have taken me until last year to discover what your real name was… Sorry, bro.  

    Would you rather see Christmas past, present, or future?

    Christmas present 100%. Christmas was rad as a kid – but it’s even better experiencing it as a parent of little people!

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