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Dean Bressler

Lighting Designer

Dean is excited to return to Pickleville for a fourth year in a row! Some of his previous work at Pickleville includes The Addams Family, New Sheriff in Town, Beauty and the Beast, Becoming a Bona Fide Bad Guy, and Peter Pan. Some of his recent works include Radium Girls and Tuck Everlasting down at Snow College. He hopes you enjoy the show!

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I would like to thank my wonderful fiancé, Cara, for always supporting and loving him.

Lighting Designer for Tuck Everlasting (Snow College)
Lighting Designer for Radium Girls (Snow College)
Sound Designer for 12 Angry jurors (Snow College)
Lighting Designer for Becoming a Bonafide Bad (Pickleville Playhouse)

I am the eleventh "Dean" in his family.

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