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Dean Bressler

Lighting Designer
Dean is so excited to be returning for his fourth year of design at Pickleville! He recently finished his third year as an adjunct professor at Snow College, and is looking forward to attending graduate school at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film in Lincoln, Nebraska in the fall for his MFA. When he’s not in the theatre, Dean can be found spending time with his partner or playing with his puppy, Gobo.
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Dean would like to thank his fiancée Cara for always supporting him. And his puppy, Gobo, for always keeping him on his toes!
Lighting Designer for Addams Family (Snow College)
Lighting Designer for Christmas carol (Snow College)
Lighting Designer Beauty and the Beast (Pickleville Playhouse)
Lighting Designer fo New sheriff in Town (Pickleville Playhouse)
Lighting Designer for The Diary of Anne frank (Snow College)
Lighting Designer for Christmas Carol (Snow College)
He has seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy over 500 times.
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