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Eboni Williams

Lighting Board Operator

A recent graduate from USU, Eboni is back for yet another show with Pickleville! It’s a good thing she loves this show as this is her second time doing Addams family with the Pickleville fam and the third time she’s done this show overall. When she’s not setting up concerts and Broadway tours, Eboni likes to read, play video games with friends, spontaneously dye her hair, and dote on her best friend’s adorable children!

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Shoutout to my incredible second family and my amazing friends- I love you all endlessly and am grateful for each and every one of you!

Spot Op for Equality Utah Gala
Stagehand for Various Events (ClearLamp AV)
Stagehand for Various Broadway Tours (Broadway Across America with Eccles Theatre)
Light Board Op for Mary Poppins (Four Seasons Theatre)
Electrician and Lead Spot Op for Once Upon a North Pole Christmas (Pickleville Tours)
Light Board Op for The Addams Family (Pickleville Playhouse)

I applied to USU as an anthropology major with the intent of becoming a forensic anthropologist. Two weeks into my first semester, I switched to theatre and haven’t looked back since!

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