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Grace Heinz

Audio Engineer
Grace Heinz is a Sound Designer and Audio Engineer from Salt Lake City, UT. She is happy to join Pickleville for the first time this summer! Grace is a graduate from Weber State University where she earned a Bachelors in Theatre Arts. Some of her favorite designs include ASYLUM SONG with the Adjusted Realists in NYC and CLUE with West Valley Performing Arts Center. Grace is passionate about working along the spectrum of theatre, from straight plays to experimental installations. She believes that the art of live performance should be immersive and impactful.
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Thank you to Jess Greenberg! She serves Utah as an outstanding mentor and friend. Weber State University and myself are blessed to have with us such a powerful leader and art enthusiast.
Sound Designer, Asylum Song (Adjusted Realists)
Ass. Sound Designer, The Refugees (Adjusted Realists)
Sound Designer/A1, Clue (West Valley Performing Arts)
Sound Designer, Cinderella (Sundance Summer Musical)
A2, Hello Dolly (Pioneer Theatre Company)
Sound Designer, Puffs (Voodoo Theatre Company)
Grace's passion for sound design and engineering stems from a teenage obsession with amusement park dark rides and kitschy boardwalk horror attractions. Now if she can find an excuse to create a creepy atmosphere, leaking from every direction, she will. Boo!
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