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Jacob Despain

Michael (Pete Pan)

Jacob just finished fifth grade in Sandy, Utah. He loves snow/water skiing, reading, sports, anything R/C, and all kinds of music making. Jacob is an awesome big brother to three siblings who adore him.

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Shout out to Greats Grandpa Bob and Grandma Deanne for starting the family Bear Lake tradition back in the 1960’s!
Frederick/Want/Carol Boy in A Christmas Carol (Hale Centre Theatre)
Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol (Hale Centre Theatre)
Thomas Tuck in Tuck Everlasting (Hale Centre Theatre)
Pabbie in Frozen (Midvale Main Street Theatre)

Jacob has spent large chunks of the summer at Bear Lake his whole life at his grandparent’s cabin. It’s heaven on earth and this is his dream come true to be in a show at Pickleville!  Jacob has always wished he were in the Davis family...This is the closest he’s gonna get. Check out his Geocache, The Shortcut, in Laketown.

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