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Jake Mickel

Lost Boy (Peter Pan), Dusty (Bad Guy)

Jake is so thankful to be spending his summer in the gorgeous mountains of Utah with the Pickleville family! Jake is an entering senior musical theatre major at Ball State University and being an avid lover of nature, exploring, and theatre, this is an ideal last summer before real life for Jake. Jake is thankful for so many people but he would mostly like to thank Ball State for being his home away from home, his family for being his support, and Betsy for putting a constant smile on his face. 1 John 4:7-12.

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Jesus for being the best, Betsy for making him laugh, and Brayton for being his travel buddy!

Henrik in A Little Night Music (Ball State University)
Bela Zangler in Crazy for You (Ball State University)
Chebutykin in The Prozorovs (Ball State University)
Davey in Newsies (Overshadowed Theatrical Production)
I play 7 instruments: guitar, bass, piano, drums (all percussion), ukulele, cello, and trombone. But... please don't ask me to play cello or trombone.
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