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Jake Mickel

Jake Mickel is a recent graduate of Ball State University's musical theatre program. With his B.F.A. firmly in his clutches, Jake is thrilled to be joining Pickleville's team for the second time. In his spare time Jake loves songwriting, tap dancing unconsciously, playing his guitar (and missing playing the drums), playing DnD with his friends, and getting coffee with his wonderful partner Betsy. Thank you for coming! Phil. 4:6-9
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SHOUTOUT TO: My beautiful fiance, Betsy. Ball State Musical Theatre Class of 2022. My stupid, dumb awesome family. And my good friend, Jesus.

Dusty in Becoming a Bonafide Bad Guy (Pickleville Playhouse)
Lost Boy in Peter Pan (Pickleville Playhouse)
Randall in Bring it On! (Ball State University)
Henrik in A Little Night Music (Ball State University)
Bela Zangler in Crazy for You (Ball State University)
Chebutykin in The Prozorovs (Ball State University)
Last summer, I drove home after Pickleville with my roommate Brayton to Muncie, IN which is 22 hours away. We were planning to stop at a hotel halfway through and stay the night, but we book the hotel for the wrong weekend... so we drove a straight 22 hours with no stop and somehow landed in Indiana alive.
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