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James Farmer

Piano (Thick as Thieves)
James Farmer is an active performer and teacher in Cache Valley. He is originally from Bear Lake, having spent his entire childhood living in Montpelier, Idaho. James picked up piano lessons at age 6, and quickly fell in love with it. He started writing music at age 11, and was mentored by pianist and composer William Joseph, which led to two album releases before graduating from high school. James currently is pursuing a music degree from Utah State University where he is focusing on jazz studies. He performs in the area often, teaches piano students, and is always looking for more students and places to perform. You can view his original music and videos on YouTube (James Farmer Music) or on music streaming services including Spotify. He is excited to be playing piano in Bear Lake this summer - his favorite place in the world.
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Shout out to my sweetheart, Becca, and to my Dad-my two biggest supporters. I love and appreciate you both so much!
Pianist for Utah State University Jazz Orchestra
Pianist for Utah State University Caine Jazz Combo
Leader of James Farmer Trio
Pianist for Ping Pong Express
My favorite food is hand-picked Bear Lake raspberries! Summer isn't the same without them!
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