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James Case


James is excited to be a part of Pickleville again this fall and join the amazing cast and crew of The Addams Family! He has been a member of the professional music group, Eclipse 6, since 2007 as their bass singer. When he's not singing or performing he enjoys riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and taking long naps on the beach.

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Shout out to my beautiful wife and family for their love and support! Love you all!

Bass Singer for the singing group Eclipse 6 - 2007 to Present
Bass Singer for the singing group Vocalocity - 2001 - 2015
Sun Valley Carolers 2011 - Present
Waaay back in the day before Trunk or Treats were a thing, I dressed up in 3 separate costumes and trick or treated my home neighborhood 3 different times in one night thinking no one would recognize me. Space Man Costume -1st Time - Went great. It was me and my little sister. We were well received and got a good stash of candy. My sister was a clown with a polka dot jumper and I was dressed up as a space man with a silver sweat suit and a face painted white. I still have no idea why I painted my face white. Cowboy -2nd Time - After getting home I changed out of my space man suit and into a cowboy costume: blue jeans, a button up shirt, a vest and a cowboy hat (left my face painted white). I had convinced my sister to come with me again but she didn't want to change out of her clown outfit so off we went. At the first door we were recognized and asked if we had already been there. Awkwardly shrugging and nodding our heads we felt a little embarrassed but they still gave us candy. After that my sister (understandably) decided to go home. I stuck to the plan and knocked the rest of the neighborhood again. Almost every house recognized me...but I was still getting candy so why stop? Spy - 3rd Time - By the 3rd time around I only went to the houses that I knew had the good candy. (mini candy bars & anything chocolate) I didn't have a clear idea of what costume to wear this time so I just threw anything on from the costume bin: sunglasses, a red wig, a black witch hat, and a multi colored sequin shirt. I'm not sure what I was supposed to be but I still went out. The neighbors again recognized me but this time I kept getting asked what I was supposed to be. After a couple doors I decided I was an undercover spy. Thankfully I never attempted this again. Shout out to my neighbors in Rexburg, Idaho for putting up with the weird Case kid. :)
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