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Jaxon Haynie

Finally! Jaxon has been dreaming of the day he would get to share his awesomeness on the Pickleville stage. Definitely the “ham” of his family, he is excited to perform with and learn from his talented grandma, mom, and multiple aunts/uncles.
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Shout out to my awesome brothers Elliot and Lincoln, and my awesome little sister Lucy. You make life exciting and fun!
Randy in A Christmas Story (Lake City Playhouse)
Turtle/Bear/other woodland creatures in Children of Eden (Aspire Theater)
Alright, two truths and a lie… 1. I am a very self motivated person. I often do all my homework and school projects without my parents having to tell me to do it or even help me. 2. I have competed twice in the NRFEC (Northwest Regional Facial Expression Competition), competing in the Eyebrow Isolation category where I placed 12th my first year, then just missed the cut to compete in nationals by placing 3rd the second year. 3. Math is probably my favorite subject in school and I love puzzles and find joy and fulfillment in solving Sudoku puzzles and Rubik’s Cubes. I love finding the mathematical patterns in puzzles/games like chess, and using that to beat opponents. I would love to hear if you think you know the lie! You might be surprised! 😃
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