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Katelyn Walsh


Katelyn is so grateful to return for her second season at Pickleville! Katelyn is thrilled to be spending her fall performing at Pickleville before returning for her fourth and final year at NYU earning her BFA in Drama. Katelyn’s latest life goals include: finding the BEST fishing spot this town has to offer. Any recommendations are not only welcomed, but encouraged! Katelyn is beyond excited for this experience, full of blessings and she hopes to see many of you in person this fall!

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A million thanks to my family and friends who make me feel loved no matter where I am! Also, a thank you to our generous God who has made this all possible.
Wendy in Peter Pan (Pickleville)
Sarah in Becoming A Bona Fide Bad Guy (Pickleville)
Alice Jackson in Finding The Fickle Fortune (Pickleville)
Marianne Wilson in Disaster! (NYU Tisch: New Studio On Broadway)
Kit Kat Klub Girl in Cabaret (NYU Tisch: New Studio On Broadway)
Ensemble in Hammer (NYU Tisch: New Studio On Broadway)

I will trade you my fruity candies for chocolate in a 3 to 1 ratio. In other words, I’ll give ya three laffy taffy if you give me one lil’ Reese’s.

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