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Katelyn Westergard

Light Board Operator
I graduated from Utah State University in Lighting Design for Theatre. I recently lived in Kyiv, Ukraine for four months teaching English to kids and traveled to Ireland, Germany, Austria, Romania, and Greece while I was living there!
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Here’s a shoutout to my family and friends! I love you! And to my ILP girls, I loved traveling with you and I miss you!
Lighting Designer for Edward Tulane (USU)
Lighting Designer for A Flea in Her Ear (USU)
Lighting Designer for Annie (Music Theatre West)
Assistant Lighting Designer for The Addams Family (Pickleville)
Master Electrician for Peter Pan (Pickleville)
Master Electrician for Becoming a Bonafide Bad Guy (Pickleville)
I love to travel so check out my Instagram for some cool travel pics!
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