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Kaylee Rasmussen

Light Board Operator (Thick as Thieves), Stage Manager (The Little Mermaid)
Kaylee is pretty thrilled to be joining Pickleville this summer! She's been at school working hard and learning more this past year, she has been looking forward to working with the cast and crew of Pickleville this season. Some hobbies she has are finding new T.V shows to binge watch, pretending she's a professional chef with her skills, and gaming to her hearts content. Kaylee's always up for having a great time with friends and you can find her fueling her caffeine addiction with Mt Dew.
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Shout out to my family who support me and to my friends who put up with my crazy antics love you all!
Spotlight Op for Multiple productions (Snow College)
Lightboard Op for The Foreigner (Snow College)
Assistant Stage Manager for The Addams Family (Snow College)
Assistant Lighting Designer for A Christmas Carol (Snow College)
Master Electrician for R+H Cinderella (Snow College)
Lighting Designer for The Importance of Being Earnest (Snow College)
I'm just a little bit obsessed with the original Jurassic Park trilogy. The first one is my absolute all time favorite movie I can quote it word for word if you watch it with me!
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