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Kenzie Davis

Wednesday Addams
I cannot even put into words how excited I am for this production of Addams Family! I love this show and getting to do it with 7 of my real family members is going to be a blast. I just recently graduated from USU with a bachelors in Family Studies and Psychology, and I'm working toward applying for a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in Dec. I am currently teaching High Fitness with my big sis, Sharli at The Studio Logan, and doing as many shows as I can before real life starts to settle in. Now, here's to some spooky fun with some of my favorite people! Enjoy the show!
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I want to give a shoutout to all of you who come to the theatre and share a piece of your life with us. You are why we do it and why we love it. Thank you for making this possible and for making a difference in my life.
One of my favorite memories is probably when my cousin Esbey and I went to Frightmares alone and screamed, peed our pants and sprinted through all of the haunted houses. I try to pretend I'm a tough guy, but I'm really such a wimp when it comes to haunted houses.
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