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Kenzie Davis Kremin


Kenzie is thrilled to be back on stage with some of her favorite people in the world! She and her husband, Nathan, have been busy the past few months welcoming a sweet baby girl into their family this July. Teddy is the absolute love of their lives!

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Shoutout to my best friend and handsome, goofy husband, Nate! Thanks for making life fun and happy. I LOVE YOU!

Kate Murphy in Titanic The Musical (Hale Centre Theatre Sandy)
Director/Belle in Beauty and The Beast (Pickleville Playhouse)
Tina in New Sheriff In Town (Pickleville Playhouse)
Miss Honey in Matilda (Hale Center Theater Orem)
Gratilda in Juandito's Christmas Carol (Pickleville On Tour)
I am a sucker for dumb reality tv… I wish I wasn’t, but I am and I just can’t help it. It’s awful, but so entertaining. So cringy and so fascinating at the same time. I know I have a problem, but admitting it is the first step to recovery, right?
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