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Kyle Purbaugh

Music Production (Thick As Thieves)

This is Kyle's fourth consecutive season partying with the Pickleville gang. Having spent over ten years in the music and film industries, Kyle is a storyteller through and through. When he's not in the recording studio, on-stage or on-set, he'll most likely be found sitting on his comfy couch with his beautiful wife, binging a quality sitcom or Netflix series while sipping a Dr. Pepper on the rocks.

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Shout out to my beautiful wife and my two adorable daughters for being my support and my anchor through all of the craziness life throws our way! Love you tons!
Brutus in Finding the Fickle Fortune (Pickleville Playhouse)
Artie in Death of a Diva! (Music Theatre West)
Frederic/Johnny in Chuck Wagon (Pickleville Playhouse)
Mr. Applegate in Damn Yankees (Logan High)
Andy Lee in 42nd Street (Logan High)
Lesgles/Convict in Les Miserables (CRTC)
I toured the US for 2 years in a Christian pop band.
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