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Logan Kelley

Music Director (Thick as Thieves)
Logan is a full-time choir and theater teacher at North Ogden Junior High. He is working on a Masters in Theatre Education, and graduated from USU in Choir Education. He has worked for companies across Northern Utah including Utah Festival Opera, USU Theatre, USU Opera, Pickleville Playhouse, and Four Seasons Theatre Company. During his time at USU he performed as a vocalist and pianist with the Chamber Singers and University Chorale. Logan has been commissioned to write contemporary a cappella, choral, and theatrical arrangements that have been performed throughout the region. His original musical Hamartia has received two workshopped stagings.
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Shout out to my students who are the light of my world! Also I know they will find this and bug me about it.
Music Director for The Lightning Thief (Utah Festival Conservatory)
Music Director for Pinocchio Teatrale (USU Theatre)
Director for Tuck Everlasting (NOJH)
Vocal Arranger/Pianist for New Sheriff in Town (Pickleville)
Gargoyle/Featured Dancer in Hunchback of Notre Dame (Four Seasons Theatre Company)
Pianist for 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (USU Opera Theatre)
I once helped someone buy a car while I was on stage performing a show.
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