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Mark Hulse

Stage Crew
I am a Senior at USU and my major is the Theatre Arts/Design & Tech Emphasis/Production Tech. I have worked 3 productions with Pickleville on Tour; this is my first production at the Playhouse. I have worked as a Spot Op for music theatre west for the past couple of years and have been involved with theatre since my freshman year of high school. My favorite production that I've worked on so far was the world premiere of Pinocchio Teatrale as the sound designer.
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Shout out to my amazing stage crew partner, Alexis Woodward, for pulling me into the wildly amazing Pickleville family!
Spot op: Singing in the Rain (Music Theatre West)
Spot op: Nunsense (Music Theatre West)
Spot op: The Taffetas (Music Theatre West)
Spot op: Sound of Music (Music Theatre West)
Carpenter: Summer 2023 and 2022 productions (Lyric Repertory Company)
Spot op: Halloween Laugh Fest 2022 (Pickleville on Tour)
My wife is my highschool sweetheart, we met in our highschool's theatre program, and continued theatre all throughout college.
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