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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones is thrilled to be playing the role of Maurice here at Pickleville Playhouse. Seven years ago, he auditioned for his first musical at Four Seasons Theatre Company in Cache Valley and has been hooked on performing ever since. Nathan lives in Paradise, Utah with his loving family. He studied Biochemistry at Utah State University and works in the supplement industry to help us get our daily vitamins and minerals. Thanks for coming and enjoy the show!
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Shout Out to my family and their loving support!
Maurice in Beauty and the Beast (Music Theatre West)
Seitz in Newsies (CenterPoint Legacy Theatre)
Mr. Smythe in A Christmas Carol (Four Seasons Theatre Co.)
Pastor Bruno in Freaky Friday (Four Seasons Theatre Co.)
Grimsby in The Little Mermaid (Four Seasons Theatre Co.)
Brother Gad in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Music Theatre West)
I like to swim and jump in really cold water. I like to do back flips off of boats. I once had a full head of hair. Caught a piranha on the Amazon River. I love to dance. Broke a bone and didn't know how I did it. Competed in triathlons.
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