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Rylee Carpenter

Becky (Thick As Thieves), Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Rylee is so excited for her first summer with Pickleville Playhouse! She is currently a Musical Theatre Major at Rider University, and this past spring appeared in a world premiere of a new musical called "Clean Slate". Some of her hobbies include drawing her favorite characters from movies to books, reading (and especially re-reading Harry Potter), jamming out to some classic rock, dancing, knitting, spending time with friends and family, and watching Star Wars for the millionth time.
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A big hello to all my family and friends who have come to see me perform! Your love and support have meant everything to me.
Carrie In Carrie the Musical (Rider Student Theatre Company)
Cassie in Clean Sate ( Rider University and Passage Theatre)
The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet ( Rider Student Theatre Company)
Molly in Hide and Seek (Rider Student Theatre Company)
Sophie in Rootz and Dootz (Rider Student Theatre Company)
Clara and The Snow Queen in The Nutcracker ( Westchester Ballet Company, The Westchester County Center)
-I've been dancing since I was four years old -I love to dance on pointe when I can. -The Little Mermaid, was my first Broadway show that my parents took me to when I was five years old. -I grew up with two parents who we performers, and are both are still in the entertainment business. So from a very young age the Broadway radio station was on constantly and I was encouraged to sing along.
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