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Sara Marshall

Sara is excited for her first production with Pickleville! She is from Las Vegas and is currently living up in Logan, Utah studying dietetics at Utah State. She is an avid shower singer, loves bingeing rom-coms, and has a major sweet tooth for any gluten-free treats she can get her hands on!
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Special thanks to my parents, grandma, friends and teachers who have got me to where I am today.
Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast (Music Theatre West)
Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (Cache Theatre Company)
Squidward in The Spongebob Musical (Cache Theatre Company)
Ariel in The Little Mermaid (Old Barn)
Jet Girl in West Side Story (Signature Productions)
My name might sound familiar from the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". No, I am not named after her, no, I still have not seen the movie, and yes, I do get asked if I know there's a movie with the same name all the time
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