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Sharli Davis King

Sharli is so pumped to be involved with both PVP shows again this summer! She has worked on the choreography for every PVP show for the past 13 years and she loves every minute of it. Her and her husband Andy recently opened a group fitness studio and ballet school in Logan called The Studio. Sharli teaches High Fitness there every day! She will also be teaching a few classes with her sister Kenzie in Bear Lake this summer! Besides doing choreography, dancing, and teaching High Fitness, Sharli enjoys Oreo shakes, reading, skiing, biking, and spending time with her hottie husband and their four beautiful daughters.
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Shout out to my amazingly handsome and ridiculously supportive husband, Andy!!! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks for loving me and our girls every day.
I swore I would NEVER own a dog. Like ever. Then my husband and my girls wore me down until I finally agreed and now we have the sweetest mini golden doodle named Penny that I absolutely adore! Never say never, I guess.
    Choreography for all Pickleville productions over the past 10+ years
    Smudge in Forever Plaid (Pickleville)
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