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Spencer Watson

Smee/Nana (Peter Pan), Ensemble (Bad Guy)

Spencer is absolutely thrilled to be joining Pickleville for another summer! As a resident student at Souther Utah University currently working towards his BFA in Musical Theatre performance, he is more than happy to hit the Bear Lake stage once more for a "bonafide" good time. When Spencer is not on stage, you can find him buried in a sketch book or lost in a good movie.

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Spencer would like to thank his parents and siblings for always supporting his love for theatre and the arts.
Barnaby Tucker in The Matchmaker (SUU)
Brutus in Finding The Fickle Fortune (Pickleville Playhouse)

Fun Fact: In the eighth grade, I spent my time in science class learning how to make bird calls with my hands. Do I know anything about Geology? No. Can I play Twinkle, Twinkle with my hands? Yes... yes I can.

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