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TJ Davis

Juanito Bandito/Writer/Director
When TJ wrote and produced the first-ever Pickleville Christmas production in 2007 he never imagined what it would become. Going from just a few performances in a small conference room to entertaining thousands in two of the most beautiful and historic theatres in the state has been a dream come true … and this is only the beginning! TJ feels incredibly lucky to work with some of the "kindest, creative-est, and talented-est" people in the world. It’s because of the selfless efforts of each member of the Pickleville team past and present, along with thousands of remarkable families seeking quality, wholesome entertainment that this show is able to to have such an impact each holiday season! Blessed is an understatement!
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1, 2, 3 to Erin, my incredible and talented wife as well as our starting 5: Carter, Tanner, Hayden, KJ, and the "baby shark" (Drew). Dad life is the best life! Also huge thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Larsen and my amazing mom and dad for all they’ve done (and still do) for the Pickleville legacy. Love to my awesome siblings who work hard together on and off the stage to create harmony and awesomeness!
    Writer/Director of 15+ years of original musical productions (Pickleville)
    Juanito Bandito (Pickleville)

    Would you rather see Christmas past, present, or future?

    The past has passed, the present is right in front of us, so I'd probably say the future.  I think it's a good exercise for each of us to try to imagine our ideal futures and then ask ourselves, "Who do I need to become in order to make that future my reality?"  It's something I'm working on every day!

    Who would you want on your team in a snowball fight?

    My five boys.  I've been hit every place imaginable by snowballs thrown by those dang kids.  With snowball fights it usually becomes Dad vs everybody else, so having them on my squad would be a nice change of pace.

    What are your feelings about eggnog?

    I think I'm agnostic about eggnog.  

    Favorite Christmas memory?

    The feeling of love and togetherness I feel each December after loading out the show following our final performance.  It's all about the people you decide to let into your circle and the dreams you pursue together.

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