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Tyler Whitesides

Creative Advisor/Tour Administrator
Tyler Whitesides is the bestselling author of multiple book series (JANITORS, THE WISHMAKERS). He travels the country presenting at libraries and schools to promote literacy and creativity. Currently between books, Tyler is having a blast working with Pickleville for the first time, doing his best to add a little bit of Christmas magic to the set and props. He hopes you'll feel the cheer and spirit of Christmas through this fun show!
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Tyler wants to thank his wife and two boys for letting him turn the garage into Santa's Workshop for a couple of cold months while he works on set pieces. And to his parents and siblings for their ongoing love and support.
    Harold Hill in The Music Man (Music Theatre West)
    Bob Cratchet in A Christmas Carol (Four Seasons Theatre Company)
    Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Music Theatre West)
    Bert in Mary Poppins (Four Seasons Theatre Company)

    What are your feelings about eggnog?

    I love it! I'll drink it straight, cut it with milk, cut it with Root Beer or Dr. Pepper. I even started making my own eggnog from scratch a couple of years ago.

    Which of Santa's nine reindeer are you most like?

    I'm going to go with Donner. He's seventh in line and has no idea where they're ever going. And I really connect with the look in his big brown eyes. There's a level of misplaced confidence there.

    Would you rather see Christmas past, present, or future?

    Future, of course! Then I could thank everyone for their specific gifts before I even opened them.

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