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Vanessa Vause

Mersister (Little Mermaid) Kate/Moxie (Shootout)
Like her taste in music, Vanessa’s interests widely vary… She embraces life. What is life? Stuffed donuts are life. “No Good Deed” from Wicked is life. A North Jersey “bacon egg and cheese” on a bagel is life. Guitar Hero is life. A successful lipstick application is life. The perfect soft serve swirl on a waffle cone precisely twirled in rainbow sprinkles is life. Live rock music is life. Performing is life. Thrift shopping is life. Sushi is life. Dare I say it… pickles are life (especially spicy pickle chips). These are a few of my favorite things (Thanks Julie!)
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I have so much love and appreciation to the ones who constantly support me and encourage me to dream big! Shout out to my loving family, fantastic friends, & the amazing bonds I've created at Rowan University. I idolize my mentors and teachers over the years and I want to do you proud!
"Vanessa Vause is the boss with the red hot sauce" they used to say. She later goes on in life to own up to this nickname, becoming a Buffalo Wild Wings Hot Wing Challenge winner.... with the shirt and photo to prove it. Ask her about how much milk she immediately drank after that competition.
    Dionne in Hair (Rowan University)
    Chris in Carrie the Musical (Rowan University)
    Saraghina in Nine (Rowan University)
    Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (Grand Theater)
    Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes (Williamstown Players)
    Tessie Tura in Gypsy (Grand Theater)
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