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Whitney Davis Folkerson

Alice Beineke

Yep, it's happening. I'm back at it, but this time with a few babies and a few thousand dirty diapers under my belt. Surprised? Me too! But when I heard almost my entire family was going to be in a show, my FOMO (fear of missing out) kicked in something fierce! I cannot wait to get back under the stage lights. Since my last show at Pickleville in 2014, I worked for a non-profit for a couple years before my mommy gig took over my days, nights, and heart! We live in Bountiful and stay busy hitting up the local parks and throwing our money at Chick-Fil-A every other day. Fall is my favorite season, so spending it at my favorite place in the world with my favorite people has been a dream come true. Enjoy the show!

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To my loving and extremely supportive husband, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for not only allowing me to do this but for cheering me on along the way. You are my greatest blessing. To my babies, it brings me so much joy to watch you feel the spirit of Pickleville. So many people who love you contribute to the way this place makes you feel. I love you and am so grateful you get to create memories here, just like I did as a kid. Now, be good for daddy during the show! :)
Belle in Beauty and the Beast (Pickleville Playhouse)
Millie in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Pickleville Playhouse)
BYU Young Ambassador (2013 Tour to China)
Gratilda in Juanito Bandito Series (Pickleville Playhouse)
Narrator in Joseph...Technicolor Dreamcoat (Pickleville Playhouse)
Annie in Annie Get Your Gun (Pickleville Playhouse)
My most memorable Halloween was 2 years ago when I got to see my first baby trick-or-treat for the first time. Is there anything better than watching a miniature tiger go from door to door saying "trick or treat" in the sweetest voice and then cheeeesing it after adding another piece of candy to their loot?? Nope. Experiencing Halloween through the eyes of a child is magical!
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