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Andrea Davis


Andrea has been involved with Pickleville since its beginning. She recently returned to the stage after a 30 year hiatus, performing alongside her kids and grandson as Grandma, in our last two renditions of The Addams Family. Andrea remembers peeling bark off of the logs that were used to build the theater and later nailing on the tin roof of the cookout while 9 months pregnant with Sharli, her 3rd child. When not working on things at Pickleville, she is busy loving kids and grandkids.

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Shoutout to mom and dad for starting this great adventure and to my 7 children, 6 children-in-law, and 18 grandchildren who keep me young, and fill my life with joy! CYMB 123
Grandma in The Addams Family (Pickleville Playhouse)
Mary Potts in Little Mary Sunshine (Pickleville Playhouse)
World’s Greatest Mom & Grandma (Davis Family)
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