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Josh Musselman

Pianist (Shootout)

Josh is a Utah State Piano Performance student. He has studied piano for over 14years, and is in the process of preparing his final recital so he can move on to hisdream: conducting! Josh hopes to one day conduct, and compose for, professionaland collegiate choirs, bringing his love of music to audiences around the world.This is Josh’s second year with Pickleville, and he’s loved every minute. He recentlyhad a surgery to correct problems with his feet, but he doesn’t let that dampenhis enthusiasm at the piano. In his spare time, Josh loves to dabble in manydifferent fields. He served as Pipe Sargent in the USU Pipe and Drum Corps, enjoysweightlifting and rugby, and plans to graduate from a real French culinary schoolwhen he retires.

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I love my family! I wouldn’t be here without you guys!


Yes, I play the bagpipes. I needed to have a way to annoy an entire neighborhood at once. No, I don’t wear thekilt traditionally. Sorry ladies.

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