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Spencer Watson

Spencer is very excited to be joining the Pickleville family for the first time this season. As a student pursuing an education in theatre arts at SUU, he is overjoyed to spend the summer sharing his love for theatre with any and all who are willing to watch. When he’s not onstage, Spencer enjoys drawing, painting, reading an old book, or curling up to watch a good movie. He would like to express his deepest appreciation to everyone at Pickleville for giving him this amazing opportunity.
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Thank you to my parents and my siblings, for being supportive. I can never forget the love you have shared for my art and passion.
James Lingk in Glengarry Glen Ross (Southern Utah University)
Snail in A Year with Frog and Toad (Southern Utah University)
Bobby Strong in Urinetown (Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse)
Mother’s Younger Brother in Ragtime (Centerpoint Theatre)

My favorite place to travel is the Oregon coast. There is nowhere more peaceful or beautiful. My favorite movies include (but are not limited to) Stranger Than Fiction, Blue Jay, and Inside Out. I’m in a committed relationship with pizza, and I have a secret morbid obsession with techno music.

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