Our Mission

Excellent Training

Campers receive training from a large variety of Pickleville’s best as well as other industry professionals. Our campers also have the opportunity to learn in first-rate facilities and perform on a professional stage. Overall, we strive to provide the best training available and ensure that each camper learns something new every day of camp.

Personalized Instruction


We cap the number of students in our sessions to give each camper the chance for one-on-one interaction with our directors. This also gives every participant the opportunity to sing a solo in the end-of-week performance. We make sure each camper feels included, noticed, and given the chance to shine!

Building Confidence


The workshops help campers develop confidence through exercising their creativity, working with their peers towards a common goal, and receiving continual, positive feedback. We are dedicated to making sure each camper finishes camp with more self-esteem than when they started.

Having Fun


Lets be honest… At Pickleville, we just know how to have fun! Above all, we want the workshops to be the highlight of each camper’s summer. Between our energetic instructors and the incredible campers that come each year, it’s easy to call Pickleville Workshops is truly the awesomest musical theater camp ever!