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Derek Davis


Is it really fall already? Time flies when you're having fun! Since closing Addams Family last fall, Derek has spent most of his free time writing and directing Pickleville's most recent melodrama hit, Thick as Thieves. He also enjoys traveling the world with his now family of four (25 countries and counting) and doing silly dances on Instagram with his talented wife, Whitley. You can check out their adventures @theglobetrotterfamily. Derek and Whitley are also the crazy couple behind "Pickleville Camps" (Pickleville's insanely fun summer camps). Check out PicklevilleCamps.com for more information. Hope you enjoy the show!

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Thank you to Whitley for making every day an adventure! Dorothy and Finn: you make my world go 'round.

Writer of New Sheriff in Town & Becoming A Bona Fide Bad Guy (Pickleville)
Co-writer of Finding The Fickle Fortune - 2020 (Pickleville)
Director of numerous productions (Pickleville)
Gomez in The Addams Family (Pickleville)
Shrek in Shrek the Musical (Pickleville)
Corny Collins in Hairspray (Pickleville)

I lost a bet to my wife several years ago and now have to allow her to tickle me... uncontested... for 9 seconds... every single Sunday... for the rest of my life... until I die.

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