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Playing Summer 2020

Finding The Fickle Fortune

The infamous Jacques Javert is back at it in this brand-new, hysterical, modern musical melodrama written by brother duo TJ & Derek Davis. Jacques and his empty-headed sidekicks are searching for the legendary Fickle family fortune when they stumble upon a small mining town in the middle of Nevada. Here they cross paths with a superstitious Sheriff, a kooky old granny, a nosey 12-year-old, a clueless hero, and the beautiful Anna Fickle—heir to the long-lost Fickle fortune. Chaos and hilarity abound as clues are uncovered and family secrets are revealed!

Come ready for the best ab workout of your summer because Finding The Fickle Fortune is jam-packed with ridiculous shenanigans, a plethora of catchy tunes, and Pickleville’s original brand of outrageous musical comedy fit for all ages! Oh, and yes … there will definitely be some improv.

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